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Weight Loss Blockade #1- Insulin Resistance

Do you want to improve Insulin Resistance, Diabetes or decrease inflammation in your body in general? Do you want to lose weight or simply get healthier?
Dr P and I would love to help you by implementing these lifestyle changes. This article is yet another that highlights the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and a Ketogenic Diet. These have been proven to pack some serious health benefits separately but together they are a powerhouse! The new you is just an appointment away! Let us help you get started today!
How Insulin Impacts Alzheimer's + Two Diets That May Lower The Risk
How Insulin Impacts Alzheimer's + Two Diets That May Lower The Risk
Two ways to eat for your brain.
Crystal Hill PA-C Crystal is a compassionate provider with 20 years of experience who is joining us to help folks lose weight, look better, and feel better. She is in charge of our weight loss programs, our aesthetic laser programs, and also is working with our patients with hormonal issues. She is our B2B's new generation! We are so excited to have her

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